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Practice Forms, Checklists, etc.

Practice Forms, Checklists, etc. is a collection of practice forms and other litigation materials that can assist in the handling of "electronically stored information (ESI)." Forms and other material can be selected depending by stage of the proceeding, legal topic or by searching by keyword. For example, if you choose a Legal Topic category, you can further narrow your search by selecting the specific topic in which you are interested. After making your selections click on Search.

You can also click on the category "tree" on the left side and locate the forms you need. Most of the forms can be downloaded in an easy to import RTF format that will generally retain formatting for Microsoft Word or WordPerfect.

If you are interested in submitting a form click Add Entry.

DISCLAIMER: Remember, this information is provided as a starting point only. Each lawyer is responsible for applying his or her skill and analysis of the situation and should not rely solely on the suggested forms, etc. The forms, case citations and analysis set out in these sample electronic forms represent the opinion of the author only and the law is evolving very quickly. The information in these forms and articles should be considered solely as research starting points for the attorney, who is solely responsible for his or her own research and pleading. The author disclaims all responsibility and liability for any alleged inaccuracies or differences in interpretation or precedent value.


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Practice Forms, Checklist, etc.



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