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Chapter 5 - Management and Personnel Technology Considerations


According to OSHA, every year 2,000,000 people suffer work-related muscular skeletal disorders including repetitive strain injury from spending long hours reading e-mail, surfing the web, writing documents, etc.

Give some thought to your employee’s and your health as you use computers.

Some suggestions:

  • Keep your wrists straight while typing and while using the mouse;
  • Do wrists exercises;
  • Take frequent breaks and stretch;
  • Keep stomach and back muscles strong through exercise;
  • Massage at the end of the day;
  • Eyestrain - stay a foot and ½ away from the screen, position external light off to the side so it doesn’t glare off the screen;
  • Use minimum force to strike keys;
  • Keep shoulders relaxed, elbows close to the body;
  • Posture counts;
  • Sit up straight with shoulders and head back;
  • Feet flat on the floor or on a footrest and forearms parallel to the floor;
  • Use free macro programs, such as TypeItIn - free www.wavget.com, to cut down on the number of keystrokes.

Other helpful sites and resources: FAQ Typing Injury (www.tifaq.com) and Harvard RSI Action (www.rsi.deas.harvard.edu).


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