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Chapter 7 - Managing Litigation Information Using Technology

Cost Comparison - Photocopy vs. Imaging Cost.

The costs for scanning generally run approximately 15 cents a page. For the following cost comparison we are assuming the cost per page for scanning is 20 cents.

Document population - 10,000 pages

Image cost – 20 cents per page

Image Resolution – 200 dpi

Photocopy cost – 10 cents per page

Cost of the CD – Cost of the CD disk

Sets Copy (10 cents per page) Photocopy Total Cost Image (20 cents per page) Imaging Total cost Savings
1st set $1000 $1000 $2,000 $2,000 ($1000)
2nd Set $1000 $2000 $100 $2,100 ($100)
3rd Set $1000 $3000 $100 $2,200 $800
4th Set $1000 $4000 $100 $2,300 $1,700

As you can see if multiple copies of documents are needed then imaging will cost less in the long run. This is besides the other significant benefits available if one scans their documents.

The following is a blank comparison sheet that one can use to begin the comparison of imaging your documents as opposed to leaving them in a paper format.

      Manual Imaging  
1. Case size            
Number of boxes         boxes
Average number of pages in each box       pages
Average number of pages per document       pages
Approximate time project to run       months
Clerk/Secretary Billing time         per hr.
Paralegal Billing Rate         per Hr.
Attorney billing time         per hr.
Cost of shipment of documents       per box
2. Input Costs          
Time spent on review and preparation       minutes per box
Cost of bates numbering         per page
Cost of of bar coding         per page
Photocopying cost         per page
Firm time spent on photocopying       minutes per documents
Cost of scanning         per page
Total docs to be objectively coded       percent
Objective coding time per document       minutes
Cost of Objective Coding          
Total docs to be subjectively coded       percent
Subjective coding time per document       minutes
Cost of Subjective Coding          
Total docs to be read by O.C.R.       percent
Cost of O.C.R.         per page
3. Retrieval and Storage Costs        
Floor space on one box of docs       sq. ft.
Cost of storage space in firm         sq. ft. per year
Cost of off/site/archive storage space       sq.ft. per month

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